Rising up: The Robbie Marcus Story

March 26, 2019 Kellen Merrill

At the age of 72, Fred Marcus was working on his next blog post when he slumped forward onto his keyboard as his life slipped away. His passing was a shock to everyone, including Robbie Marcus, his daughter. While she thought she was processing the loss pretty well, as the following months dragged on, Robbie began noticing that this wasn’t the case at all. She decided to regain control of her life before her health got worse.

Spoiler alert: The following text is a synopsis of the video above. Watch the video for a deeper look at this true story of human performance.

Losing a parent can be one of the most painful events in a person’s life. That’s especially true if you’re like Robbie, who shared a close relationship with her father, Fred, talking daily, always ready to joke around about the small stuff. As despair took a tighter hold, Robbie recalls her lowest point — eating entire cakes in one sitting, secluding herself as she gained more and more weight. Then one day, Robbie lay on her bed thinking about her depressed state, realizing she was only getting worse, and decided to get help.

While visiting her doctor, Robbie was faced with the hard reality of how much weight she’d gained and was referred to a registered dietitian. She met with Jacqueline Ely at Washington Health System, who created a personalized nutrition plan for Robbie, and she started to use a calorie tracking app. Robbie became diligent about eating balanced meals and started going on nature walks. With a few months of steady progress under Robbie’s belt, Jacqueline suggested Robbie also get some personal training at the wellness center. Soon Robbie was making the gym a regular part of life.

“I’ve lost the weight of a small child, and I’ve got a Yorkie left to go,” Robbie jokes humbly about her progress. Laughter has always been important to Robbie. And her healthy lifestyle and renewed outlook led to joining a local improv group, which she’s thoroughly enjoying.

“Making people laugh is the best,” Robbie says. “It’s almost as good as making people cake.”

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