Essential desk stretches for office employees

While they may not seem as demanding as more physical occupations, desk jobs are tough on office workers’ bodies. Long periods of sitting and repetitive motion can contribute to back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, and other troublesome issues.

A recent study estimates that 26.4% of U.S. workers deal with back pain, hurting not only their backs but also your company’s bottom line. The study also found that at least 16.9% of workers with low back pain missed at least one day of work because of the pain in the previous three months.

But there’s hope. Helping employees improve their posture while they work can reduce neck pain, and promoting stretch breaks and more movement can help them combat the health issues that can come from sitting still too long. And the better they feel, the more productive they can be at work.

Looking for ways to help your employees deal with desk job discomfort? Host a lunch-and-learn to practice desk stretches or kick it up a notch with these recovery tips and tools. You may also consider offering physical therapy as part of your corporate wellness program.

Get started by downloading the PDF to share with your employees.

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