6 ways to stick to your nutrition plan at home

May 7, 2020 Kara Hawking

Have you recently found yourself mindlessly munching on Goldfish crackers during a conference call? If you’ve reached the bottom of the bag, you’re not alone. Working from home makes it easy to fall into bad habits in the name of convenience, especially when it comes to nutrition.

“With all the food you purchased in your last grocery order a few short steps away, making the right choices can be a challenge,” says Jannette Rho, a performance dietitian at EXOS. “But now more than ever, sticking to a balanced nutrition plan is so important when you’re trying to stay healthy and strong.”

If you’re having trouble fighting the urge to eat everything just because it’s there, don’t let it get you down. Use these six tips to stay on track during the stay-at-home order and beyond.

1. Follow your in-office meal schedule.

You typically have set snack and meal times when you’re in the office, why not take that same approach when at home? Eat your usual breakfast, stop for a snack when you’d normally do that in the office, and definitely don’t skip your lunch break. “Put it on your calendar or set alarms on your phone if you tend to lose track of time while you work,” says Rho.

2. Keep it consistent.

Despite what you may have read, there’s no one-size-fits-all meal schedule. Rho says it’s more about consistency than number of meals. “Keep intake amounts consistent throughout the day to space out nutrition,” she explains. “This helps digestion, absorption, energy and hormone levels, and helps prevent overeating and cravings.”

3. Stock your go-to ingredients.

What’s your healthy go-to? For Rho, it’s whole-wheat pasta with a colorful mix of sautéed vegetables. Whether you love it because it’s easy to prepare or you just can’t get enough of the flavor, keeping your pantry stocked with the essentials to make your favorite meal or snack can help you avoid unhealthy options.

4. Avoid flavor fatigue.

Meal prepping is an easy way to make sure you’ve got healthy food on hand whenever you need it, but make sure to mix it up. Rho suggests prepping three days at a time to avoid flavor fatigue. “The fastest way to get off track is to get tired of what you’re eating,” she says. “And this way it’s easier for you to adjust and fit in last minute changes when needed.” If you’re looking for a few easy meals to get started, check out these meals you can make from kitchen staples.

5. Deconstruct your meal prep.

Preparing for the week doesn’t have to mean perfectly packaged meals. “These days, I make sure I have the basics ready to go and enjoy a different combination each time,” says Rho. So instead of portioning ahead of time, try making larger batches of pre-chopped veggies, lightly seasoned protein, grains, and beans or lentils. That said, if doing this feels like too much right now, consider a meal delivery service like Trifecta.

6. Think family friendly, not just kid friendly.

When you’re working from home with kids, sometimes food is the only thing that will give you 15 minutes of peace and quiet. You don’t have to eliminate your kids’ favorite snacks altogether, but it’s the perfect time to introduce foods your kids will love that you can also enjoy while staying on track. Rho recommends apple slices with cheese or peanut butter, ants on a log, or mini pizzas made with bell peppers (sliced in half) as the “crust” and filled with sauce, cheese, and other favorite toppings.

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