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100% OF CLIENTS THAT WE TRANSITIONED IN 2019 WHO RESPONDED TO OUR 2019 SURVEY AGREED THAT EXOS: + Understood the goals and needs of their organization + Was flexible and customized the process to fit their needs + Was critical to a smooth and successful launch 1. WE GATHER INFORMATION FROM STAKEHOLDERS. First and foremost, we want to know what you're not getting from your current or former provider. What provoked a need for change? Was there an outcry for better service from members? Maybe you had a philosophical difference of opinion with your current provider. We set up meetings with your stakeholders to determine high-level needs and set straightforward goals. 2. WE ASSIGN A PROJECT MANAGER AND ACCOUNT MANAGER. You'll have a dedicated project manager who is involved from start to finish, allowing our account management team to focus on operational priorities simultaneously. There will be standing meetings throughout the process to make sure we're getting ahead of any obsta- cles and sticking to deadlines to ensure everyone remains aligned on the set initiatives. 3. WE COMMUNICATE THE TRANSITION TO EXISTING STAFF WITH SENSITIVITY. We know this is a sensitive situation so we treat it as such. After you've communicated with your former management provider, we allow them time to announce the change to the current staff. Once we receive permission to communicate with the current staff, we kickoff the recruitment process and invite them to apply at EXOS. 4. WE ASSESS STAFF MEMBERS. The next step is for us to determine if and what staffing changes may be necessary. The current staff may have already bonded with fitness center members. We don't want to harm that or hurt engagement so we'll make them feel welcome throughout the transition. We also dedicate ourselves to recruiting coaches and on-site staff who align with your culture and can successfully deliver on objectives we collaboratively develop for your program. Our management team will continue weekly communications to ease transitioning employee into the EXOS family and plan regular team-building events after the transition is complete. 5. WE ISSUE A MEMBER SATISFACTION SURVEY. In addition to aligning with stakeholders, we suggest a brief survey that gives members a chance to speak up about where they see a need for improvement and what keeps or prevents them from returning to the fitness center currently. What programs would they like to see? What could they do without? How satisfied are they with current hours? These are all important questions we put on the table to help us make effective changes. 6. WE MEET AND COLLABORATE WITH YOUR OTHER VENDORS. With your approval, we'll set up time with other service vendors such as massage therapists as well as café service and employee wellness teams to discuss ways we can collaborate and increase engagement. We aim to create a one-team feel between all vendors by holding strategy meetings to support success across all programs. 7. WE INCORPORATE EXOS METHODOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY. Once we assess equipment needs at your fitness center, we'll reserve time and coordinate with staff members to train them on EXOS methodology and technology, including member management and point-of-sale software. We'll also align with you on what will make for the smoothest membership transition and help you announce new programs and offerings so we can muster up excitement among members. Interested in switching fitness center management providers but worried the transition will be too dicult? The process may not be completely eortless, but we'll help make it seem that way. After 20 years of experience, EXOS knows to proactively manage the process and take specific steps to make the transition a seamless one. "All concerns were taken care of in a timely manner. The opening was very smooth and the EXOS team processed all the requests and orientations without missing a beat." - a client executive at a Fortune 100 company

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