How EXOS helps health systems expand their reach

January 29, 2020 Kara Hawking

Looking for ideas that can help attract new members to your health system? It takes more than a few fliers, emails, or a social media following. EXOS has learned through more than two decades of experience that the first step is getting to know your community, their values, and what they want and need from a fitness center. 

In addition to doing the initial research when working with new clients, EXOS also employs the strategies below to help expand a health system’s reach.

1. Our team works to engage the greater community.

Our team is out in the community as much as possible. Local charity 5Ks or half-marathons, soccer and baseball tournaments, and health fairs are all opportunities to impact the community and draw in new members. Depending on the event, you can find EXOS staff helping participants with hydration, foam rolling, or stretching, or they might even just be chatting about the weather. Whatever it takes to build a relationship and draw participants and attendees into the health system.

2. Our team offers educational opportunities.

If there’s one thing people can always use more of it’s knowledge. That’s why we provide 60-minute nutrition and performance seminars led by an EXOS coach or dietitian. Every community is different, so we aim to talk about topics that will resonate with our members and potential members, such as building healthy lunches, supplementation, and stress management. Educational opportunities are a great way to bring in community members that might not understand what the health system offers but are attracted by a single topic. It’s a starting point to a relationship.

3. Our team reaches out to youth sports organizations.

Building relationships with youth sports organizations opens the door for endless engagement opportunities both in the community and at the health system’s facility. Many of our sites offer free sports physicals and help with concussion screenings after football practice, but that’s just the beginning. EXOS’ return to play programs provide valuable rehabilitation support for athletes recovering from injury. And we’ve also set up combine-style events where youth athletes can show off their skills while getting data points on strength, speed, and agility.

4. Our team creates custom challenges.

Everyone loves a good challenge, especially when it also leads to great results. EXOS encourages monthly fitness challenges that appeal to all ages and fitness levels. They create buzz and draw in people who might not otherwise feel part of the community. Our team gets the word out through social media, fliers, visits to local businesses, and encouraging word of mouth with current members. These efforts not only attract people to the challenge but also increase name recognition in the area.

5. Our team values relationships.

Our job is to complete the continuum of care at health systems. But that only works well when doctors and other staff members feel confident and comfortable sending their patients our way. We work to cultivate a seamless referral process with our health care partners, ensuring that we’re providing support for patients of all kinds from injury or surgery rehabilitation to weight loss, strength building, or postpartum care.

Learn more about how EXOS can bring these services and strategies to your health system.

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